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國立聯合大學 電子工程學系 LOGO



Id Lab Name(* for instruction) Teacher Detail
207 Integrated Circuitry Design Laboratory(*) Hun-Chen Chen Detail
210 Computer Hardware Development Laboratory(*) Yu-Hsien Lin Detail
301-1 Communication Materials and Components Research Lab Yi-Mu Lee Detail
301-2 Resistance Memory Component Research Chun-Hung Lai Detail
303-1 Communication Materials and Components Research Lab Ching-Fang Tseng Detail
303-2 Integrated Circuitry Reliability and Testing Research Lab Shen-Li Chen Detail
305 Electronic Circuitry Laboratory(*) Ray-Shine  Run Detail
308 Communications Laboratory(*) Wei-Jian Lin Detail
316 Computer Systems Development Laboratory (*) Kuo-Tai Fan Detail
317 Network Systems Development Laboratory(*) Yu-Hung Hsiao Detail
405 I-Cube Lab Ray-Shine  Run  
406-1 Image Themes Research Lab Ken-Chung Ho Detail
406-2 Thematic Research Lab Kuo-Tai Fan Detail
407-2 Communication Signal Processing Research Lab Tsui-Tsai Lin Detail
408-1 Computer Network Research Lab Yu-Hung Hsiao Detail
408-2 Digital Communication Research Lab Wei-Jian Lin Detail
409-1 Signal Processing and Applications Research Lab Hsiao-Fen Pai Detail
409-2 Embedded Systems and Applications Research Lab Yu-Hsien Lin Detail
410-1 Algorithms and Information Applications Research Lab Jung Sheng Fu Detail
410-2 Power Circuits and Components Research Hung-wei Chen Detail
411 Multimedia Communication Systems Realization Research Lab Jui-Cheng Yeh Detail
412-1 Thematic Laboratory Yia-Jung Chiou Detail
413-1 Remote Sensing and Image Processing Research Laboratory Yu-Chang Tzeng Detail
413-2 Electromagnetism Research Laboratory Kuen-Fwu Fuh Detail
414-1 Advanced Components Laboratory Yu-Hsien Lin Detail
416 Thematic Research Laboratory Hun-Chen Chen Detail
417 Electromechanical Integration Research Laboratory Tai-Ho Yu Detail
B3-224 Information Security Research Laboratory Rong-Jian Chen Detail
B3-225 Network and Communications Research Laboratory Shin-Pin Tseng Detail